Leave the stuff that’s not yours alone!

How hard is it to leave other people’s things alone?  What is this, 2nd grade?

I could understand if you had a non-descript Lean Cuisine or Hot Pocket that you put in the freezer and accidentally grabbed the someone else’s flavor, or miscounted how many you had put in there and grabbed someone else’s when your stash was actually depleted.


I’m not even talking about mistaking a lone donut on the break room table for a giveaway.

I’m talking about:

  • Perusing items in the donation bin for a charity.
  • Actually taking things from the donation bin for a charity.
  • Grabbing food from the freezer that is in a box that is clearly someone else’s.
  • Any food in a brown bag in the refrigerator.
  • Any food that’s on someone’s desk–especially if someone has already taken a bite out of it.

Is the company not paying you enough to get by?  Judging by the maturity of your social skills, you’re probably still overpaid.