#operationfreefood Day 4

Today, I secured my own provisions. To be frank, those provisions were better than any free food that I could have acquired at the office.

I had forgotten about the healthy rations (fruit cart) that were set up yesterday. The bananas were the first to disappear. That’s just as well, because they are usually overripe these days. They always came green in the winter time. Only a few bruised plums and apples are left, along with some sickly looking oranges.

I did discover, however, that a lone leftover bagel (plain) had been left behind by an unannounced offering of free food. Possibly due to the low reward vs. high personnel risk of injury that comes with announcing the free food.

Still a demoralizing day on the free food front, but a lone bagel represents hope.

#operationfreefood Day 3

Complete failure.

I managed with leftovers from Costco.

How can an office grunt get by if other teams aren’t ordering too much food for lunch?

This is day 2 of the free food drought.


#operationfreefood Day 2

Brought leftover rations from our trip into town this weekend. Hoping not to have to use them, but still waiting on word from Leftover Intelligence that food is available. Our late morning drills were fairly light, and we’ve actually had time for ample coffee drinking, so I may be able to reserve my rations for tougher times.

One thing about the coffee: I know that it is better than the standard issue coffee, but, it’s just that… I’ve been drinking it every day, and it just tastes awful now. Is it a product of the resentment of these conditions I find myself in, or is the coffee really that awful?


I tried to hold out but couldn’t. My rations had to be eaten.

‪#‎operationfreefood‬ Day 1

Waited around too long and ended up getting stuck behind a soldier with no sense of urgency or traffic laws. Fortunately, cheap sub sandwiches were plentiful. Had to search for last mayo packet, and the bags of chips were all gone. It wasn’t pretty, but I got in and got out. No casualties, except for three sandwich portions.

Afternoon update:

There was a second raid conducted on a higher fortress. Barbecue supplies were still available, but rapidly dwindling. I took advantage of the lack of attention given to the buttermilk pie station and away with a tasty slice. Unfortunately, the company mess has awful coffee.