What’s in a Name/Logo?

Once, maybe twice, in a business’ life, things change to warrant a name change.  “Bob Jones Consulting” may not be an appropriate name for a company that “Bob Jones” has severed ties with.  “Turducken Shack” might be inappropriate for a restaurant chain who magically found a sleeper hit in its vegetarian fare.

Understandably, if you’re dealing with customers in person, who you are representing can be as important as how you represent the company.  That’s fine.

Once you get below a certain level of granularity, however, does the customer really care what organization within the company you represent?  If a customer had a positive interaction with the sales department, but had a horrible interaction when getting technical support for a problem placing the order on the website, do the department labels really matter?

Does the reporting structure matter? Is your new marketing slogan, “Reorganized to Serve You Better”?

Does the customer care that the marketing department has a new blue logo, while the IT department has a shiny black background logo with monochrome green outlines?  Does the customer care some guy in the marketing department still has his red logo background on his computer’s desktop?

Meanwhile, while we’re all splitting hairs, the customer has hung up after hearing, “Your call is important to us,” for the 20th time–probably because it’s a lie.


Stop the rudeness!

It always seems to happen during the worthwhile presentation:  the ongoing “side-bar conversation” that is loud enough to be heard in the street-bar on a Friday night.

There are 3 possible messages these people are sending with their rudeness:

  • “I am a higher level employee than the person presenting, and I wish to make it abundantly clear that I don’t have to respect them.”
  • “I am an equal level employee, but I know them, don’t respect them, and should be a higher level than them.”
  • “I am a lower level employee, and a moron.”

In any case, you are being a disrespectful jerk. Do the rest of us a favor and stop it.