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Hand Sanitizer Does Not Take the Place of Soap and Water

I’m really starting to dread the day the hand sanitizer dispensers went in.

Somehow, many people are under the impression that the hand sanitizer *cleans* your hands.

If you’ve been baking brownies, you can’t clean any batter off with hand sanitizer.  You’ll just end up with brownies that have been disinfected on the surface.

If you don’t believe me, ask an academic:  “Hand sanitizers no substitute for soap and water.”

Hand Washing, Urinals, and Toilets

Maybe your use of a urinal made it possible to do your business “hands-free”.

The rest of us would still like you at least to go through the motions of good hygiene for our peace of mind.

Also, if you had to sit on the toilet, it’s unlikely that your hands didn’t do any dirty work. Stop kidding yourself.