Do Not Mess with the Flow of Coffee

New coffee maker
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I know times are tough, and that we need to save money wherever we can.


*ahem* Please, excuse me for yelling.  The supply of coffee to your workers is as vital to the productivity of your office as the supply of gasoline is to the transportation system.

Some things not to do without careful analysis and communication to your workers:

  • Requiring workers to pay for the office coffee.
  • Changing the supplier of the coffee to your break room.
  • Changing the model of coffee maker to a cheaper one.  (You had better make sure it can actually handle the load that your office staff will put on it.)
  • “Going green” by no longer supplying cups. It’s best to get acknowledgment in writing from every one of your employees, lest a revolt break out due to the inability of people to actually get coffee, or worse, people taking the carafes as coffee mugs.


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Breakroom amenities

Why does the office microwave look and sound like something out of a cartoon from the 1960s? Is there a small dinosaur in there grinding gears or something?

And I know I saw that refrigerator go on sale sometime back in the 80’s.  No one would buy it back then, either.

If you have to stock the breakroom with stuff that came from great grandma’s garage sale, should I be worried about your ability to meet payroll?