Snore at your own risk

Sleeping at your desk is a very risky thing to do.  It can quickly lead to a drastic reduction in income.  There is always someone who doesn’t seem to get this.

If you don’t know whether you snore when you sleep, please ask someone. If you do snore when you fall asleep, and you still allow yourself to fall asleep at your desk, can I just say that you deserve what you get?  When you feel your eyelids getting heavy, stand up, man! Take a walk.  Get a cup of coffee or a soda from the breakroom.Just don’t glare at the rest of us when they escort you out the door, like somehow it was our duty to become co-conspirators in your stupidity. We are not going to cough really loud, throw something soft at you, or inconspicuously walk to your desk to pretend we actually need your help with something.  You are snoring at your own risk.