Defeating the Clockwatching Game

Your rivals and managers in the office are playing a clockwatching game with you. Among their tools are:

  • Email timestamps.
  • Parking lot spots.
  • People witnessing you walking in and walking out with your bags.
  • Instant messages peppered through lunch hours.
  • Away status on instant messenger.
  • Online status on instant messenger.

These things cannot be used in your favor so much as having interference run against them.

  • Schedule Outlook Messages
  • Park in the farthest space available, always.
  • Keep a coffee mug in your car, and fill it up on a different floor. Walk in with you laptop powered up or a keep a spare notebook in your car and walk in with that.
  • Hook up your smartphone to an instant messaging client that works with your instant messenger.

By the way, if you’re using this to slack off, your lack of productivity will ultimately be found out, you scoundrel.