Look Out for the Cubicle Police

I’m curious what the ROI of enforcing rules such as these are:
  • No more than 3 personal items on your desk.
  • No obscuring the translucent partitions.
  • No whiteboards.

Rules like these require either a system put in place to snitch on your fellow coworkers or someone to watch for violations as part of their job.

This isn’t to mention rules such as the following:

  • No window seats below a certain pay grade.
  • No cubes above a certain shape and size below a certain pay grade.
  • No non-fixed tables for certain cube types.
  • Only one chair per cube.
  • Contractors can only have a single desk and not a cube.

These rules often require a lot of effort, such as tearing down and rebuilding all of the cubes, just to be in compliance.