Exclamation points necessary!!

Once upon a time, in what people used to call “grammar school”, the exclamation point was a thing of mystery. It was generally something that seemed to never have a use in writing, with the exception of after an interjection or a strongly emphasized command.

The Wikipedia article on the exclamation mark quotes F. Scott Fitzgerald:

Cut out all those exclamation points. An exclamation point is like laughing at your own jokes.

So, when did exclamation points go from “to be used as sparingly as capsaicin extract in chili” to “like salt on french fries?” It seems as though any reply of gratitude via email, text, or instant message requires at least one exclamation point if you’re grateful, and two if it was a big help. Don’t underemphasize your gratitude with a period. It may come out as a forced “thank you”, similar to the way your parents made you thank an aunt for an ugly sweater.

Some people even extend this required emphasis by put things in ALL CAPS.

Maybe we should suspend coffee service to the office for a while.