December happens this time every year.

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There are certain things that have to wait until year-end… most of them have to do with financials, payroll, or other things that directly involve paying or receiving money or the government wanting to know what the company has done this year. Much of the work revolving around these normal year-end occurrences also happens just after year-end.

These last-minute projects in the middle of the month December don’t count.

December happens this time every year.  Why is there a sudden rush of things that must be done before the end of the year?  Where was all of this work in the summer months?

Do you wait until December to get serious about your New Year’s resolution from the beginning of the year?  Okay, that’s a horrible example.

Why does all of this work magically need to be done by the end of the year now? Did we look at our accomplishments during the year and find that we didn’t have enough?  If working like crazy during the month of December is all that it takes to justify a paycheck the rest of the year, can we all just have the first 11 months off with pay?